Enforced max size per page

On some GET resources there is a max records per page enforced regardless if you specify that you want pagination. If you don't send the page parameter you could miss out on records. Check the X-Per-Page header to see allowed records per page.


If there is a Link header, it means that the response contains several pages and that you could step trough pages with the page parameter.

For resources that supports pagination the following headers will be present in the response from the server:

Link < >; rel="first",
< >; rel="last",
< >; rel="next",
< >; rel="prev"
web linking according to RFC 5988
X-Total 4321Total number of pages
X-Per-Page 10Number of records per page
X-Page 5Current page number

The following parameters are available to set for pagination:

per_page 5Requesting 5 records per page
page 10Requesting to show page 10. First record of this page will be record 50 if per_page is set to 5
$ curl --include ''
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Link: <>; rel="first",
  <>; rel="last",
  <>; rel="next",
  <>; rel="prev"
X-Total: 4321
X-Per-Page: 10
X-Page: 5
# ...