Test card numbers

Test your integration with our test card numbers and payment method details.

Before accepting live payments, you can use the cards and payment method details on this page to test your integration. These are only valid on our test platform, and will not result in a real transaction or transfer of funds.


Testing in-store payments?

Our test payment terminals come with a test card. For more information, see our point-of-sale test cards.

🛍 The cards can be ordered online in Hips Online Store


The cards and payment method details on this page will only work if the test parameter is set to true or sales channel is set to test mode.


Global test card numbers

Global test card numbers such as 4111111111111111 for Visa and 5555555555554444 for MasterCard will be approved with any expiry and cvv. To test more specific behaviors and country restrictions, see tables below.


Card NumberCountryExpCVVBehaviour
4012000300001003RU12/29137✅ Approved
4444333322221111US12/29642✅ Approved
4761739001010010GB12/29112✅ Approved
4761739001010226GB10/28254✅ Approved
4946560000000671NO04/26824✅ Approved
4946560000000804NO12/29156⛔️ LostOrStolenCard
4946560000000374NO12/29672⛔️ AuthorizationDeclined
4946560000000564NO12/29685⛔️ InvalidCard
4946560000000424NO12/19251⛔️ CardExpired
4946560000000440NO12/29111⛔️ InvalidCVV
4946560000000804NO12/29547⛔️ SuspectedFraud
4946560000000135NO12/29671⛔️ InsufficientFunds
4946560000000036NO12/29634⛔️ AntifraudRejection
4946560000000267NO12/29783⛔️ CreditCardRestricted

MasterCard and Maestro

Card NumberCountryExpCVVBehaviour
5413330300001006BE12/29154✅ Approved
5413330089600036BE12/29775✅ Approved
6799998900000060018BE12/29399✅ Approved
2222400060000007US05/28966✅ Approved


Card NumberCountryExpCVVBehaviour
36070500001038SE12/29152✅ Approved

Test 3D Secure 1 authentication

No username or password will be required. A redirect will be made to the bank which will auto approve the 3DS1 request.

Card NumberCountryExpCVVBehaviour
4946560000000671NO12/29152✅ Approved

Test 3D Secure 2 authentication

No username or password will be required. A redirect or button will just show up which you will be able to approve the transaction with.

Card NumberCountryExpCVVBehaviour
4946560000000523NO12/29833✅ Approved

Point-of-sale test cards

🛍 The cards can be ordered online in Hips Online Store

Enabling merchants to perform quick confidence tests on chip card payment devices deployed in their stores and supporting staff in familiarizing themselves with the payment process by allowing them to run a variety of typical chip card transactions through their terminals.

To test different Cardholder Verification Methods (CVM), use different combinations of transaction amounts with a test card application.

To simulate different responses, change the last two digits of the amount.

Test cardUAT 01 – VISA CREDIT
Pan4761 7384 8597 7512
Pin code1234


The Point-of-sale test cards will only work if the POS terminal is set to test mode.

Amount < 100.00Signature, if fail PIN
Amount > 100.00Offline PIN
Amount with decimal .00-.49Always online approved
Amount with decimal .50-.99Always online declined
Amount 0.01Approve offline
Amount 0.12Require SCA Step Up (Request PIN) - 70
Amount 0.13Require SCA Second Tap (Zero CVM) - 1A