Generate a Dynamic QR Code

Generates a dynamic QR code. Authentication Key Type: SalesChannelApiKey



Before you can use this API you need to create a Static QR code via API or manual via the Hips Dashboard. That static QR will then become dynamic with help of this API.

Use this API to generate a dynamic QR code out of a static QR code.


    "dynamic": {"table":7,"waiter":2,"extra":"test"},

This will give you a response that looks like this:

    "status": "online",
    "code_token": 1,
    "qr_start_webhook_url": "...",
    "allow_tip": true,
    "qr_data": "",
    "qr_code_b64_png": "iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAfQAAAH0AQAAAADjreInAAAFc0lEQV.....",
    "mapped_to_sales_channel_id": "VRB6sFNiAWG5RUMBWTGFQtg8",
    "order_timeout_seconds": 120,
    "payment_timeout_seconds": 300,
    "customer_text_preset_type": "general",
    "asynchronous": false

To show your QR code for the payer in a web browser, you should embed the QR data in the tag like this:

<img src=".....">

If you want to save the PNG QR code in a file. You should Base64 decode the content in [qr_code_b64_png] before writing the data to a .png file.


How is the amount sent in?

The amount is transferred dynamic via the Create Order API. After the static or dynamic QR code is scanned by the payer; a web hook will be sent to you (web hook url is specified when you created the static QR code). In this web hook you will receive information about which QR code that was scanned an a session ID. Create an order and include that QR session ID to transfer the amount the QR payer shall pay. Create Order API

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