Create Loyalty Program

The Create Loyalty API is used to create a loyalty program within HIPS ecosystem. The loyalty program will then have persons and wallets. Authentication Key Type: SalesChannelApiKey

Create program example

The below example creates a bonus program called OXXO BONUS where every token in the program is called points and each point have a corresponding value of 1 EUR (entered in cents 100) when a purchase is made with tokens (points).

The user will get tokens worth EUR 0.90 for every EUR 1.00 spent on purchases with the merchants sales channels (if the sales channel is configured for this).

The user will get tokens worth EUR 1.10 for every EUR 1.00 spent on topups of tokens with card (if enabled).

When a new user signed up he/she gets 10 points for free (start_tokens)

    "name": "OXXO BONUS",
    "token_name": "points",
    "base_currency": "EUR",
    "token_purchase_value_in_currency": 100,
    "token_earn_value_in_currency": 90,
    "token_topup_value_in_currency": 110,
    "start_tokens": 10,
    "public_visible": true,
    "webhook_url": ""


Automatic bonus

A sales channel can be configured to automatically give the person buying a loyalty bonus based on the rules of the program.


Manual bonus

You may manually handle the bonus/points/tokens in a persons loyalty wallet via the spend/credit loyalty API.

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