Fulfill an order

Fulfill an order which means that all associated payments will be captured. Authentication Key Type: SalesChannelApiKey

Run this API call when you have fulfilled your obligations towards the customer. i.e: When your order are shipped or ready for shipment. If the order is digital or if it is a service then you can run the fulfill command once you know that you are able to fulfill your obligations.

A fulfillment call must be made within 7 days from creation of the order to be guaranteed that the authorization is still approved from any credit card network. Funds will be collected from the user/cardholder and settled to the merchant after the fulfill API call is executed. For automated fulfillments, set the JSON parameter fulfill = true when you Create a new Order .

What happends when the fulfill API is called?

When HIPS receive a fulfillment call on a order we will continue to collect the funds from the funding source of the customer into the merchants account.


A fulfillment call shall only be called when you reserve a product from your warehouse or deliver a product.

Does digital downloads or services need fulfillment call?

No, if you know that you can deliver a digital product or service you can set the JSON parameter fulfill = true when you Create a new Order.

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