Any PAX A-series terminal can be used as a stand alone terminal with Hips Payment Application, or be semi integrated to an ERP, POS register or web app via API.

The Swagger for integration with Hips payment application can be found here:



Development / Test

If you want to add a development / test terminal to your account you need to email [email protected] with your Hips merchant ID, the terminal serial number and make sure your terminal is connected to internet. After we receive the request we will push the payment application to the terminal.


Payment Application

The below services is to integrate your application with the device peripherals (printer, camera etc) to integrate with the payment application, please go here: Positive Integration

Neptune Service

This is an application managing the devices in PAX products based on PayDroid system, including the printer, the card reader, the contactless card reader, etc., and it acts as a service.

If you want to develop a related payment application for our smart payment terminals, please install this application into the terminal first (this app may also be installed before shipping) and call the NeptuneLiteApi or NeptuneDiamondApi.


Contact your account manager for information about the SDK to access GPS, speaker, cameras etc. NeptuneLiteApi provides the APIs of the NeptuneService. Currently it contains only one module named DAL (Device Adapter Layer).

DAL provides uniform APIs of the device operation, and thus hides the differences among terminals.


For PAX devices


Demo SDK application

The demo shows how to use the NeptuneLiteApi and enables developers to view different results by setting different parameters. Contact your account manager for more information.