PAX Terminals

Any PAX A-series terminal or the PAX IM30 can be used as a stand alone terminal with Hips Payment Application, or be semi integrated to an ERP, POS register or web app via API.

For integration specs see:


Development / Test

If you want to add a development / test terminal to your account you need to email [email protected] with your Hips merchant ID, the terminal serial number and make sure your terminal is connected to internet. After we receive the request we will push the payment application to the terminal.

Semi or full integration steps

https://[TERMINAL IP]:8080/POSitiveWebLink/1.0.0


Disable SSL verification since the terminal certificate is self-signed.

  1. Pair the terminal by accessing /pair?pairingCode=[code]&tid=[terminal_id] (with the code displayed on the screen after you activate pairing mode in weblink.)