⁉️I would like to type in the amount and a description. By pressing e.g. "pay" I would like to generate a Qr-code which shows up on the merchants device or online. Do you know how to implement that?

First you need to create a static or dynamic QR code via API or in dashboard. A static QR code is often a sticker and a dynamic QR code is a code displayed on a screen. When someone scans a static or dynamic QR code we will ask you via web hook (for system integrated QR) or Hips merchant app about the amount the customer should pay. You will send this amount back to Hips as a reply (API create order) to the QR scan. When Hips received that reply we will start the checkout process with the payer and report back the payment status to you via web hook (for system integrated qr) or Hips merchant app. For more details see our Flow diagrams.

⁉️Should I use static or dynamic QR codes?

It depends. In general we recommend static QR codes in all scenarios except for restaurant pay at table solutions where the QR is printed on the receipt.

⁉️Where can I get the QR Stickers?

You can buy QR Stickers in Hips Store or create your own stickers using our QR API. Read more about how to do that here: System Integrated QR Code

⁉️Can I send a dynamic amount to the QR Payment code?


Once someone scans the QR Payment code, we will send you a web hook with a session ID. When you receive that web hook you will know which QR code that are being scanned and can answer to that. If extra data is embedded in the code, you will receive that in the hook (example Table ID and Waiter ID for restaurants). You reply by sending a Create Order with the QR Session ID.

⁉️Integrated QR payments are too complicated, I don't know where to start!?

We recommend you to contact our support and schedule a technical startup call where you can explain your use case. After that our technical team will guide you through the best route to get started with QR payments.