Take payments

Create payment order

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  1. Enter the amount excluding any tip. Note that amount is entered in the currency's lowest denomination. So if you press [1] the amount will be "0.01". So to enter 1.00 you will have to press [1] [0] [0], or use the double zero button (press [1] [00]). The double zero (00) button can be used if there are no cents (or equivalent) in the amount. To enter the amount "1.59" with decimal, just press [1] [5] [9] using the on screen keyboard.
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  1. (Optional) You can add a reference to the payment that will tag this specific transaction in future reports. To do that, click on the description field. You can enter any alpha numeric value here.

QR Payment


Ask the customer how they wish to pay. If the payment method require QR Payment, you press the QR Payment button and ask the customer to scan the QR code on any of the stickers or mapped QR codes to your account.

You may tell your customer that they can use their native camera app and aim it towards the QR code, then click the popup box that will appear to complete the payment. If the customer have an old phone, a QR reader app might be required. Normally the user has a QR reader app already installed, like Snapchat, Google Chrome, WhatsApp, WeChat and many more. But most phones from 2019 has a native support for reading QR codes in the default camera app.


QR Payments may take some time for some customer to complete. It is safe to hide the payment processing page if you don't want to wait. You will get a notification if the payment is approved anyway. And you can also double check approved payments in the receipt menu.

Card Payment



Card reader not available yet

Right now the merchant app only supports QR payments. Card payments are being added and this guide will be updated shortly. As of now card payments are only available through Hips Android SDK or Hips iOS SDK.


Card payments works in QR Payment mode

Regular card payments where the user taps in the card number works in QR Payments.

Payment Approved


If you see this screen the payment is Approved. If you have selected a receipt printer and turned on receipt printing, it will occur now.

Pressing close will take you back to accept a new payment.

Payment Declined


If you get this screen it means that the payment is declined. We will never get the reason for decline to the merchant, but the customer may or may not be given this information.

If the customer wants to try another payment method or retry; then you should press the close button and redo the payment request.

Was the payment really approved?

Do you have a customer claiming that they have made a payment and you have not received a notification about that? No worries. All payments that are successfully charged is available in the receipt list.

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